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Precision tool to measure audio delay in your computer setup via ASIO. Download now and optimize your system for performance.

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What it is

The CEntrance ASIO Latency Test Utility is a Precision Windows™ tool to measure audio delay in your computer setup. It measures the true round-trip latency of your computer audio setup, from input to output via an ASIO driver. You can use the LTU to test different hardware, drivers and applications.


How it Works

LTU works by sending a short pulse through your audio interface and measuring the time it takes for the pulse to return. It's accurate within .5 ms. Actual latency will vary depending on hardware configuration.



LTU is compatible with any computer running Windows XP with at least one ASIO driver and corresponding hardware installed. You don't need to use an audio recording application to measure the roundtrip latency of your hardware. LTU takes the place of the recording application for the duration of the test.

Disclaimer: LTU is provided AS IS and with no warranty of any kind. By downloading this application you agree to take full responsibility for its use, and assume all risks in connection therewith. Be careful with those ears. LTU will make a loud pulse during the test. Turn the speakers down when measuring!