Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad
= WOW!

HiFi-M8 redefines the portable DAC/Amp. This innovative, category-defining product sets a standard others will be judged by. We've done that before with our award-winning MicPort Pro and DACport. We did it again with HiFi-M8.

A unique combination of sound quality, output power and battery life, HiFi-M8 sets you free to explore your world, audiophile sound in the pocket.

HiFi-M8 (pronounced "Mate") creates a perfect listening experience anywhere you are — at work, on a train, or in the gym; helping you through the workday or soothing you at home. Take your high-res music with you. That's freedom.


HiFi-M8 is a USB DAC and an audiophile sound card for your iPhone, iPad and iPod. It extracts digital audio from computers and Apple's portable devices and converts it to analog, for purest sound reproduction.

HiFi-M8 is also a powerful headphone amplifier with balanced outputs. Gone are the days when you needed to carry a separate DAC, Amp and a battery. HiFi-M8 has all components built-in and carefully matched to preserve sonic fidelity.

HiFi-M8 enables audiophile on-the-go listening by combining 24-bit/192kHz audio quality, over 6 hours of battery life, balanced headphone output and multiple sonic shaping features within a single, integrated, portable device.


HiFi-M8 is a highly flexible product with two input options (M8 and M8 LX). If you don't use an iPhone, pick the LX, which replaces iDevice input with an optical TOSLINK (SPDIF) input — perfect for people who use a DAP, such as AK-100.

The four output options (4XL, RSA, CMB, PRO) offer a broad selection of jacks, ensuring compatibility with a wide variety of headphones. Two input options by four output options makes eight different models! That's flexibility.

CEntrance got on the cover of Stereophile with our award-winning DACport and DACmini products. With HiFi-M8 we raised the bar yet again. Here is how:


Support for Balanced AND Unbalanced headphones: IEMs and over-head

Compatibility with iPhone/iPad/iPod, Android, Mac and PC

Three levels of output impedance, for best headphone linearity

Three levels of headphone gain, for fine-tuning the loudness

Three levels of bass sonic shaping, for a subtle boost in the low end

Three levels of treble sonic shaping, for a subtle boost in the highs

Choice of portable or desktop operation (battery or wall-powered)

Ability to charge the phone/tablet off the power adapter while playing






· Made in USA. HiFi-M8 is designed and precision-assembled by skilled craftsmen in America. CEntrance takes pride in the quality of its products. We test every unit before it goes out the door, so you get a great experience.



· Built tough. Lightweight and durable, the extruded aluminum body is styled to please. The curves are smooth on the hand and easy on the eye. Super looks and scratch resistance are given by the laser-engraved anodized finish.



· Portable. HiFi-M8 packs a powerful Lithium-Polymer rechargeable battery for the highest amount of power density. That means longer play time between charges. Battery status is conveniently displayed on an LED bargraph.



· Versatile. HiFi-M8 is a portable DAC/Amp with iPhone/iPad/iPod and USB inputs. This device does it all! Use your HiFi-M8 with your computer at work and with your iPhone on the way home.



· Audiophile. HiFi-M8 supports most headphones on the market. High output level means you never run out of loudness. The built-in gain, impedance and tone-shaping switches allow for dialing the sound just right.



· Dual Core. HiFi-M8 uses a dual-core XMOS microprocessor to achieve the dual functionality of a USB DAC and an iPhone Dock. HiFi-M8 runs custom CEntrance code, supporting 24-bit/192kHz, asynchronous USB audio.



· Driver Support. HiFi-M8 supports up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution with Macs and PCs. With Macs, no drivers are required. For Windows, CEntrance offers a free download of its world-renowned Unversal Driver.



· Worldwide Use. HiFi-M8 is designed for real-world use. The bundled power supply works around the globe and charges both HiFi-M8 and the attached Apple device. HiFi-M8 can also be charged from a car or a boat.






HiFi-M8's controls are illustrated below. CMB option is shown. Production chassis are all black.






Digital specs



24-bit (Also supports 16-bit)

Sample Rate

44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, 176.2 kHz, 192 kHz


USB Protocol



Local clock

10 ppm precision, unmeasurable jitter



iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac, PC, Andorid



Analog Specs


Freq. Response

20 Hz...50 kHz (flat EQ circuit)


S/N Ratio

113 dB (A-weighted)



0.002 % (mid gain position)



-103 dB (at 1kHz)


Output Impedance

1, 2, 11 Ohm, selectable


Output Power

1.4 W (max), 1 W (typical)



16...600 Ohm


Output voltage

-2 dBV (nominal, max gain) use with less-sensitive over-the head headphones


-10 dBV (nominal, mid gain) use for connecting to line-level consumer audio equipment


-22 dBV (nominal, min gain) use with ultra-sensitive IEM headphones



General Specs


Audio Output

XLR balanced, 1/8" combo, 1/4" unbalanced jack, model-dependent


Headphone Amp

Direct Class-A


AC Powering

Globally compatible, 90...240V AC power supply included


DC Powering

+9...+20V DC (3A) from external adapter, car, boat, etc.


Internal supplies

Battery-isolated, filtered ±10V, super-clean analog rails


Unit Dimensions:

127 mm (L) x 82 mm (W) x 33 mm (H)


Shipping weight:

2 lb



CEntrance designed HiFi-M8 to be extremely versatile. We created a total of eight models, featuring a variety of inputs and outputs to meet every need.
· On the input side, there is HiFi-M8 itself, for those who use an iPhone. And for those people who have another Digital Audio Player, such as Astell & Kern AK-100, there is HiFi-M8 LX.
· On the output side, a total of four models are available to satisfy any balanced or unbalanced headphone configuration. There is even a PRO version, designed for Pro Audio, DJ and Live Sound use.

Versions and options

HiFi-M8 LX
Input sources
USB and iDevice
USB compatibility
Mac/PC/Android (1)
Mac/PC/Android (1)
iDevice compatibility
Listed separately
iDevice input
16-bit/48kHz (2), Async
USB input
24-bit/192kHz, Async
24-bit/192kHz, Async
SPDIF input
HiFi-M8 LX
Simultaneous outputs
Balanced analog outputs
Unbalanced analog outputs
SPDIF optical output
1/8" and 1/4" outputs
4-pin XLR balanced
4-pin RSA balanced
Dual Combo XLR
Dual male XLR
HiFi-M8 LX
Analog volume control
3-pos. level control
3-pos. bass control
3-pos. treble control
3-pos. impedance
3-pos. battery meter
1) Android compatibility depends on device. Use of USB Audio Recorder PRO recommended.
2) Up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution can be accessed via the USB B jack using the Apple Camera Connection Kit (CCK).
Brand CEntrance HiFi-M8 Sony Fostex V-Moda CLAS
Retail $699.99 (599.99 for PRO) $600 $650 $650 $579
Phone Input iPad/iPhone/iPod iPad/iPhone/iPod No USB, no iPad No USB, no iPad No USB
USB input 24/192 24/96 No No No amp
Balanced out Yes No No No No amp
Output type Balanced + Unbalanced Unbalanced only Unbalanced only Unbalanced only No amp
No. Outputs Two One One One No amp
Output jack XLR and ¼" pro type 3.5 mm consumer 3.5 mm consumer 3.5 mm consumer No amp
Output power 700 mW/ch 175 mW/ch 80mW/ch 150 mW/ch No amp
Impedance 3 position switch No No No No amp
Tone shaping Hi: 3 pos , Low: 3 pos No 2 pos., combined No No amp
Battery meter Yes No No No No amp
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Some photos shared by our customers and beta testers


Jude Mansilla from doing an excellent video review for HiFi-M8!


Amos Barnett from Head-fi.ord: "Centrance has crafted one of the most versatile DAC/amp units available today with desktop-grade power in a portable unit."


Here is our own Michael Goodman, explaining the product at the RMAF in Denver, CO


This video interview was shot by Jude Mansilla from at that same show


Here is a video from Tyll Herstens of Innerfidelity. He caught Michael Goodman on jetlag -- Michael just flew in from Asia, was very tired, but the video has good stuff on crowdsourcing...


Reviews and user comments


Inner Fidelity

"The M8 is a portable audio Swiss Army Knife. When I'm listening with my Westone ES5 I'll tip the treble up a bit; with my Audeze LCD-2 I'll tip it up more; with my Sennheiser HD 800 I'll put the output impedance up all the way for a bit smoother sound. Again, all of these changes are subtle, and very welcome to my somewhat fanatic and critical ears. The CEntrance HiFi-M8 gives me a great sense of control to my mobile listening experience.... The amp simply delivers the goods with any and all headphones.

The CEntrance HiFi-M8 is going up on InnerFidelity's "Wall of Fame" as the best hard core headphone enthusiast portable headphone amp. I certainly won't go to a trade show where I have to audition numerous headphones without it, and when I'm in need of a movable music feast the M8 is the first thing I grab. Highly recommended!"




- Tyll Herstens, Inner Fidelity (USA)



"Well-executed product that holds it own against the growing competition. Its diverse pairing, inputs and outputs make it a fine fit for almost every headphone on the market."




- Brian Van Eerden, AudioHead (USA)


Apple Insider

"A prime example of how a competent engineer (and Michael Goodman is just that) is able to achieve the maximum, regardless of constraints."




- Pavel Dmitriev, AppleInsider (Russia)



"Now I can understand all the hype about the HiFi-M8. This thing looks like a Professional unit and sounds that way, too. There's hardly anything better."




- Christian Rechenbach, Einsnull (Germany)


HiFi +

"CEntrance’s HiFi-M8 is arguably the most versatile and accomplished portable headphone amp/DAC you can buy at anywhere near its price. Precious few portables can match the HiFi-M8’s well-balanced mix of flexibility (the combination of effortless iDevice, Android device, Mac, and PC compatibility is tough to beat), bulletproof driver software, sonic refinement, and sheer output power."




- Chris Martens, HiFi+ (United Kingdom)



"HiFi-M8 is the best sounding all-in-one portable digital converter/headphone amp the Audiophiliac has ever tested."




- Steve Guttenberg, CNET


Audio 360

"The BEST portable rig I have ever heard."




- Michael Mercer, Audio 360


Part Time Audiophile

"I'm addicted to the CEntrance HiFi-M8. I can't pull myself away from it! Another mark of a great audio component is when it inspires you to listen to all sorts of music you haven't heard it years, or explore new music.

A beast of power and musical engagement."




- Part-Time Audiophile

"Sounds fantastic! The sound from the built-in DAC and headphone amplifier is outstanding -- neutral, very transparent, very revealing. I love its well-implemented tone controls!

HiFi-M8 sounds more like a desk DAC/Amp combo than a portable one. It has enough power to use HE-6, HE-500, LCD-2 and 3, HD-800 and other [headphones]."




- Jude Mansilla,


The Daily Swarm

"I'm BLOWN AWAY! HiFi-M8 is a new class of product when it comes to portable DAC/Amps, especially multipurpose DAC/Amp combos. It's sheer power, the gestalt of the music! It has such a wonderfully dark and airy backdrop that the midrange clarity maybe wholly unmatched in this category
(portable DAC/hphone amps), at least to my ears.

The HiFi-M8 has now become THE component I will bring with me everywhere."




- The Daily Swarm


Headfi Journey

"The CEntrance HiFi-M8 is a superb piece of equipment and a marvelous feat of engineering. It drives everything from IEMs to full-sized over the ear headphones and sounded stunningly good with all the headphones I threw at it...

If you need a great sounding DAC/amp combo which is small and light enough for you to take it with you on your travels, look no further. If you value compactness and simplicity, you just can't go wrong with the M8."




- Roger Ngaw , Headfi Journey

"I give the HiFi-M8 PRO an "A+" - five stars. It worked as specified and sounded fantastic. Super portable, especially if the battery is charged up...(no PSU to haul around)"




- Paul D., Early User



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