Custom Design

Our custom-designed, triple-shielded Y cable for DACport and DACport LX is a technological marvel, developed to preserve the musicality and transparency of our Digital to Analog converters. CEntrance takes an active part in defining the leading edge of cable technology today. Discover the CEntrance cable difference!

Integrated solutions

CEntrance is known for the quality of our integrated solutions. Our design expertese, honed in during years spent in consulting brings forth cross-functional thinking. We pride our engineering team for finding solutions across domains. We can solve a hardware problem in software. We can work out a usability issue in industrial design. This knack for integrated thinking yeilds solutions that flow together well. So when the time came to make the right RCA cable for our D/A converter products, we approached the process the same way. The result is a perfect pairing, a full complement. Not just in color and finish, but in performance, construction, build, and most importantly, sound quality.

Key Features  

Audiophile-grade copper with MultiBraid™ technology for highest reproduction accuracy.

Gold-plated terminals with lowest connection impedance for extended clarity and detail.

Gunmetal finish offers strong protection from contamination for years of reliable service.

3-layer core protection with braided outer shield prevents bending, keeps the core safe.

Designed for perfect synergy with DACport and DACport LX.

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